let's change the world with one pair of Awareness Jammies at a time

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What we offer

  • Hand painted patterns that are uniquely inspired from the stories of the pediatric patients we represent
  • Fun, colorful and relatable patterns that connect our youth to those who may be different from us, giving a face to a condition

What we aspire to do

  • Spark conversations through imagery and purposeful wording
  • Provide an opportunity for meaningful StoryTime with curated story lists intended to take the pajamas one step further than just including the condition’s name on the pattern
  • Be a voice for those fighting medical battles

There is no condition too small. We invite the public to submit their stories and be represented. 

Why Bamboo? It’s simple! They’re so incredibly soft and comfortable. They’re light on the skin for any hot sleeper. A creamy, smooth feel to them, you’ll never want to take them off. Our garments are tested for your little ones’ safety along with many other factors that make them irresistible when it comes to snuggling! 

Known Bamboo qualities that we couldn’t pass up -

  • Temperature regulating fabric, making them great all year long. Your little ones stay cozy and cool all night long
  • Hypoallergenic, making them suitable for kids with eczema and sensitive skin
  • Our fabric is made with a little bit of spandex, allowing room to grow


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