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Want to raise awareness for a friend or loved one? Submit their story here in hopes of allowing them to become a face of a diagnosis. Spotlighted patients will have pajamas personalized to fit their story and raise awareness for their condition. Patterns are hand painted based on information submitted and the interview. NolaBee’s owner, Summer, will work closely with caregivers for accurate representation for their story and patient cards. No diagnosis is too small, and it is Summer’s hope as the artist to represent children from all different backgrounds and regions. 

Selected patients will have the opportunity to participate in a local photoshoot for marketing purposes and will become the face of the collection. Participants will be given a set of pajamas on behalf of NolaBee and will receive an individualized 50% off discount code for all future transactions from our private line!


Once your application has been completed, Summer will reach out directly in a timely manner. Thank you for your interest in working with us and the desire to help change the world.

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By submitting an application, you are aware that you nor the patient's family will benefit financially from sharing their story. NolaBee will simply be the tool that helps tell your little one's story for awareness purposes to help others.



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