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For my family and many across our area, Children's Hospital of New Orleans (CHNOLA) is homebase! My family has a long history with CHNOLA, and it goes back to years of waiting in the waiting room as a 10-year-old while my little sister underwent a major operation. My little sister has Spina Bifida and scoliosis. She has endured 13 major surgeries over the years and this hospital, and those involved, have improved the quality of her life, time and time again. Now an adult herself and still battling her own medical conditions, she too has been drawn back to the campus through her involvement with medical sales. It's a special place here in New Orleans, providing expert care to those in need. Now a mom of 3 myself, we spend time in and out of the clinic area or testing.

NolaBee will donate a portion of the proceeds from each set of pajamas sold from our private line annually. We will also hold our annual ornament fundraiser to support CHNOLA.



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