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Become an ambassador for NolaBee’s Pajama Line!

Do you love our line and want to help raise awareness? Sign up to be an ambassador and help be a voice for our spotlighted patients and their battles! 

Before signing up, please review our requirements. By submitting an application, you agree to these terms and at any given moment if these terms are not met, NolaBee can remove you from the program and delete your personal promotion code.

  1. Customer Loyalty - We ask that our ambassadors be a current, repeat customer. Please provide proof of purchases.
  2. Write a review on our website!
  3. Social Media Presence - You must be an active member on any social media platform and follow all of our accounts. You will be required to advocate and tag our accounts. 
  4. Marketing Partnership - When accepted into our program, you agree to submit at least one high quality photo and video of your little one(s) in their pajamas for each pattern set purchased to nolabeemade@gmail.com. We also ask for you to make posts on both your feed and stories sharing what you love most about the line as well as tagging our accounts. Help connect our youth by lending a helping hand to those around you and be a voice for those facing daily battles. Help raise awareness with your very own models! 

As a NolaBee Ambassador, you will have access to all collections at a discounted price. You will have a personal promo code that can be applied to any garment to receive $10.00 off each set. After you submit your application, Summer will reach out to you via email regarding the status of your application!


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