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My name is Summer Zeringue McCune, and I am a mother to three amazing little humans who have opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities as an artist. My husband and I are your average, all-American cheesy love story who grew up across the street from each other. My family is my biggest support system, and they are my everything. I am a graduate of Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Geaux Tigers! I grew up in a small town in a parish where I had to resign from teaching my passion due to unforeseen circumstances with Adler. I put my heart into anything and everything that I do and am constantly being called a "busy bee.” My subject used to be what I know, Louisiana, however; now it is the stories of our brave little ones. My kids are both my inspiration and motivation to do what I do. I am a full-time stay-at-home mom who is simply chasing a dream of putting myself out there with my art. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and for this new journey, I am trusting in God and following my heart. This endeavor has been a learning experience for the entire family. NolaBee has and always will be run on the help of my children. You may take home a product that my toddlers helped sticker, fulfill or pack. So, if you notice a sticker is slightly off-center or a little bit crooked, it would be because one of my eager, helpful toddlers helped mommy with a task and walked away with pride. They claim my creations as their own, and they are as excited as I am to share them with you. That is why this is a mommy-made business. For now, NolaBee is a one man show. Please understand the demands of running a business and know that I am always doing my very best to meet your needs. I look forward to seeing where my new line takes me and whose stories I am able to help tell. Let's take this global!

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