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Our Awareness Jammie line provides caregivers with the tools to empower their little ones. Taking bedtime stories to a next level with conversation starting pajamas and a suggested reading list. These pajamas will be customized to a child’s story through its artwork and spark questions from those around them.

Through this line, it is our hope to create an opportunity to have difficult discussions with children around the world, to put a face on a disease, and create an opportunity to educate and advocate for multiple diagnoses that have become a hard reality for many.

These pajamas will allow children to relate by the connection of common interests through the fun prints and patterns hand painted from their stories. By taking the next step and using our suggested reading list, we are aiming to create inclusive children by empowering our youth to be accepting of differences and show more empathy. Many voices and stories deserve to be heard, and I hope that these pajamas will speak for themselves. 

Each star patient's collection will come with a suggested reading list QR code. By scanning the QR code, it will take you to a shopping list on Amazon and you are then able to buy directly from that list. The books on the list are a collaboration of books pulled directly from the families of the patient or have similar themes that relate to the patterns. The artist works closely with the caregivers and is then able to pull these resources to offer to you. Families have recommended books, websites, and social media support groups and so much more to better help you!

We've joined the "Talking is Teaching" campaign and encourage family StoryTime. For tips and more information, visit talkingisteaching.org

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